Jack Mabley's Web Log

Monday, March 21, 2005

cleaning up

With help from partner Burt....well, he did it all....this site is now cleaner and non repetitive. Thanks to a friend
to the gentleman at the senior center for your interest and suggestions.

My intent, as I have said previously, is to retire. I haven't found anyone yet who believes me, not even my wife, who wishes I would. I guess the answer is if I am retired what the heck am I doing right now in the Daily Herald office pecking away at hyundai (the computer, not the automobile).

My watchword and guide in my old age is "patience." It works wonders most of the time, and especially in traffic.I will go through these good senior years smelling the roses and trying to minimize the scratches from the thorns.

I also avoid eye contact with or the finger to wild drivers. They may be drunk, or hung over, or just plain ugly. They may be mentally unbalanced and have an automatic rifle on the seat. Only about one in 10 is this way, but that means I am going to pass or be passed by 10 or 15 of them driving to and from the office.

"Peace," as Garroway used to say. Still a nice objective.