Friday, October 08, 2004

A Stern Warning

I like to visit the zoo every now and then to watch the snakes, which look slimy and menacing, but are harmless in their confinement.
In the same sense, once in a while I tune in the sultan of vulgarity, Howard Stern, who looks slimy and menacing….that is menacing to children. I’d call Stern’s stuff sophomoric, but that would insult sophomores. I’d call it childish, but second-grade kids are savvy enough to find stuff on the Internet that makes Stern look like a P-TA meeting.
Stern’s concept of hot stuff on his current show is to persuade a pre-tested model to remove her blouse, which produces a studio full cackles and giggles followed by Stern’s asking the model to turn around to show her backside.
Stern is a happy, fulfilled man today because he will be going on satellite delivery of his program, which means he will not be monitored by the federal government, which has fined stations carrying his obscenity millions of dollars.
So Stern will test new depths of vulgarity and obscenity. Maybe the saddest aspect is that viewers will be asked to pay $12.95 to see his trash. You can see far worse on the Internet for nothing, but he’ll collect from the naïve and uninformed.
Ever the optimist, I look toward the day when young Americans recognize the shallowness and mediocrity of Howard Stern and consign him to the dump heap of early 21st century cultural freaks.


Blogger jim said...

Howard Stern reminds of me of a 10 grade trouble maker. Obnoxious and juvenile. Let him go to satellite. I tune him in every now and again and I don't last long. I have to turn him off after a few minutes.
That aside, I am not for government censorship. I don't think some stuffed shirts in some office in Washington should determine who we listen to. Parental responsiblities is the main thing. They can't monitor their young adults as to what they listen to but they can instill values into them so no matter what Stern or anyone else says it won't have an affect on them.

October 8, 2004 at 1:45 PM  

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