Friday, September 17, 2004

Thank You, Mr. President.
President George Herbert Walker Bush endeared himself to me the other day when he told an interviewer that his memory is getting selective in his old age (early 70s). He forgets things he should remember, and remembers things that could be well forgotten.
I have a few years on this Bush, and I can advise him it gets a little bit worse each year. It’s no big deal, It’s normal. It doesn’t mean you’re getting Alzheimer’s.
Recently I adopted that word as a personal slogan….motto….icon….whatever you want to call it. I use that word in all situations and circumstances. At home, at work, and especially on the road.
I’ve mentioned before that if you drive five miles you’re likely to have a close encounter with about a thousand cars going your direction or in oncoming lanes. Eight hundred cars will be driven by normal humans, 100 drivers will tend to be erratic and dangerous at times, and the remaining 100 can be maniacal and armed and dangerous.
Avoid eye contact except when a wave of the hand acknowledges a courteous act.
President White?
Every politician is running for President. Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White is no exception. First he has to become governor. Barack Obama already has the U.S. Senate chair.
The Illinois secretary of state has an enormous political asset in his office’s control over drivers’ licenses.
We gaffers have to renew our licenses every year, so I was out at the Deerfield office last week going through the somewhat stressful renewal process.
The place was crowded with a few seniors and dozens of teenagers getting their first licenses.
I passed the road test without much trouble. But it seemed so ironic to me that I was being tested by a very capable and articulate generation X lady . In six decades I’ve driven several million miles with one accident. A driver jumped the center strip and totaled my car. Her insurer insisted on giving me $3,000 for my promise not to sue. That was a good deal for me, because he didn’t know I wasn’t going to sue. I am an advocate of mediation or binding arbitration.


Blogger jim said...

Jessie White has been a tremedous failure as Sec of State. I remember awhile ago I bought a used car. The owner lost the title though and had to get a replacement before I could register the car to me. I knew the owner (he was a Lake Co judge).
Anyway - it took months and months to get the replacement title. The whole time the car sat in my garage as I couldn't register it. In talking with other people at a private license place I hear this is the norm. Other things that used to a week or ten days under Ryan now takes 5 to 6 weeks. One woman behind the counter muttered "we almost preferred the curruption under Ryan than the mis-management under White". The net part of the office is fine but we can thank the techies for that.

September 17, 2004 at 6:57 PM  

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