Monday, August 30, 2004

My Anniversary
This week marks the 69th or 65th or 60-somethingth anniversary of Fran’s and my wedding. (To each other). I feel qualified to offer free advice to others who aspire to celebrating a 60 something anniversary.
Two things. First, Rumpole of Old Bailey and "She who must be obeyed." Second, erase from your vocabulary any reference to weight, gain, or loss, avoirdupois, fat, skinny, and any facial expression except happy when you meet someone after 20 years and he or she is 25 pounds heavier.
"Gee, you look great," you must lie.
My wife avoids computers, and I trust that friends who see this will have the decency to not bring this to her attention.
The Power of AUM
This is from my book, "Halas, Hef, the Beatles and Me," which may be found in the bargain bins of book stores.
Lincoln Park, August 26, 1968, the week of the Democratic convention disorders. Jean Genet, the French writer, opens a press conference by saying in French of Allen Ginsberg, poet and guru to the hippies:
"I took very much Nembutal last night to try to forget I am in America."
Ginsberg: "Ten people humming ‘aum’ can calm down one hundred. One hundred people humming ‘aum’ can immobilize an entire downtown Chicago street full of scared humans, uniformed or naked."
Ginsberg sincerely cared for the young protesters and he really believed in the power of aum.
Ginsberg was seated on the lawn in Lincoln Park. In a circle around him, about twelve deep, were seated young men and women participating in the week’s protests.
Ginsberg was humming, or droning, a note, which is spelled "aum", pronounced om. He held the note as long as one breath lasted, took a deep breath, and slid into another note.
Others hummed with him. At curfew the Chicago police began to sweep demonstrators out of the park. Ginsberg stood on a hill humming as intensely as he could while the comrades in the barricades cried "Kill the pigs!"
The police fired tear gas, and unless Ginsberg was up a tree, he was running along with the rest of us toward Clark street.


Blogger DoctorD71 said...

Congratulations, Jack. I'm still single at 33 so I probably won't live to see a 60-something anniversary, but I wish you the best on yours. I've enjoyed reading your accounts of when you were a reporter in the 40's; I'd be interested in hearing more about what Chicago was like in those days.

August 30, 2004 at 5:26 PM  
Blogger FairNBalancedBob said...

I have noticed that the link at the Daily Herald has disappeared from the Herald. That is sad, sick, and disgusting. Apparently the corporate media doesn't even have a couple cents per month (and that would be a good guess of their marginal cost of having such a link remain)to keep a liberal voice in their website. I hope this doesn't mean that the site will disappear.

September 1, 2004 at 7:25 PM  
Blogger jim said...

I was just there at the Herald wesite and the link is there under editorial/opinion.

September 6, 2004 at 5:46 PM  

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